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Why use MicroEd?

MicroEd Computers & Internet is one of the longer standing Computer Retailers; established in 1984 we have now been servicing the Northern Brisbane and Sunshine Coast community for 25 years.

Some of our significant contracts include ITP (Income Tax Professionals Qld), QTAX, Bright Eyes Franchise (BE), Oakley Sunglasses, and the majority of Realtors.

In 2004 MicroEd Computers merged with OzTech Computer Solutions which equipped the merged entity with a dedicated Business Services Division. MicroEd Computers is your "One Stop Computer Shop" - Sales, Service, Repairs, Advice.

The MicroEd Professional Services Division:

  • 25 years experience
  • Australian Computer Society Members (ACS)
  • Friendly, Affordable, Reliable, Quality Service
  • Quick response times backed by additional staff
  • Custom Solutions including Software Development
  • No fix, No Fee
  • Knowledge base (25 yrs all solutions documented)
  • Diverse range of “Real World” experience
  • High Customer Retention / Years of Satisfaction
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Remote Administration
  • Intel Servers
  • Maintenance of Computer System Manuals/Logs
  • Host of parts and repair equipment onboard vehicles
  • Consultancy
  • Website Design / Website Maintenance / SEO
  • Voice Over IP Phone Systems

MicroEd services all types of industries with particular experience in the following:

  • Accounting / Taxation
  • Real Estate (Console, ADL Forms, Realworks, REST, RealOz)
  • Professional Services
  • Engineering / Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Scientific
  • Research and Development
  • Retail
  • Solicitors
  • Car / Mechanical
  • Veterinary Services (experience with RxWorks / Idexx Laboratories)
  • Other IT firms

What makes MicroEd different to the others in the directory?

"I can't get the IT mob - just goes to message bank"
"The IT mob can't be here till the end of the week"
"The IT guy has been here for days and its still not fixed"
"I called the IT person and they have to go to Uni today and can't get here till tomorrow"
"I called IT but the phone is disconnected, when I tracked them down they don't do that anymore"

Unfortunately the stories above and similar are things we hear every day. A vast majority of our work is cleaning up disasters from other so called "IT firms". Although your "IT Guy" may have good intentions they often fall short due to a lack of resources. Most IT firms in the directory are simply 1 or 2 person operations or back-yarders who can generally provide a reasonable level of service to home users but fall short when trying to provide a level of service to business.

MicroEd has a team of technicians on the road backed by staff in the office. Our Professional Services division provides a host of services for business including consultancy, phone support and on-site callout technicians. Our on-site callout technicians understand how critical your computer system is to your business and how expensive and damaging down-time can be. Our Professional Services division provide a range of services to ensure you can concentrate on the “task at hand” rather than the technicalities.


Our code of ethics is that of the Australian Computing Society. The Computer Industry unfortunately has a terrible reputation. Computer companies are formed and go bust everyday leaving clients out of pocket and in same cases out of business. We joined the ACS in the hope that one-day the ACS or a similar organization will become the standard or registrar for IT professionals. To become a member of the ACS you must meet certain qualification and experience criteria. Registration of IT Professionals would go a long way towards cleaning up the IT industry.

The IT industry is constantly changing. We too must be ready for changes in the industry and keep our finger on the pulse. We spend a great deal of time and money on Industry Research and Training. In the Computer Industry you learn something new everyday. No-one can ever claim to know all there is to know about computers but we do our best to be informed in as many areas as possible and point our clients in the direction that gives them a cost effective, technological advantage.

Glenn Challen
MACS, Bach App Sci.(Computing), AD Bus. (Computing)
Managing Director of MicroEd Computers Pty Ltd

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