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  • Servers

    MicroEd have a complete range of servers to suit all budgets from small peer network servers through to large scale Terminal and/or Small Business Servers. MicroEd also have a range of Intel servers that are designed and built in-house giving us complete control over the components and therefore stability of the solution.
  • Quickbooks Retail Starter Kit

    If you are opening your store for the first time, or upgrading from a cash register, then Reckon’s Retail Starter Kit is what you need. This kit includes integrated payroll management, inventory tracking and management, point of sale management and point of sale hardware. [more]
  • PowerPoint Laser Pointer

    The Targus Voice Recording Presenter with Laser Pointer controls your PowerPoint® presentations up to 15m (50 feet) away. Simply plug an SD memory card (not included) into the integrated reader and voice record your presentations, notes, meetings and reminders.
  • Flash Drives

    Take your Photos, Data and Documents on the road. DataTraveler Generation 2 (G2) USB Flash drives are ideal for home office, small business, schools and promotions. They're affordable and put mobile storage in nearly anyone's hands.
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combinations

    The benefits of wireless input devices speak for themselves: freedom of movement and no tangled mess on your desk.
  • Keyboards and Mice for non office environments (industrial, hospitals, marine etc.)

    Foldable USB Keyboard with PS/2 Adapter | Spill-Proof | Foldable & Slim
    Rolls up to fit in Notebook Bag | Great for portable use - stores easily Virtually indestructible
  • Multiscreen Configuration

    Give someone a second monitor, let them use it for while, and then try to take it away. It just isn't going to happen. They'll never go back to a mono display.

    Spread your work out and work more efficiently and productively. [more]
  • UPS (UnInterruptable Power Supply) / Surge Protection

    Save your system from those annoying 3 min outages. Install a UPS and remain operational while the power goes out. If the power doesn’t return then rest assured that the system will be shutdown automatically in a "graceful" manner.
    Protect your valuable Computer System and equipment from Power Surges and Lightning Strikes.
  • Anti Virus / Anti Spam / Anti Spyware Solutions
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    MicroEd have a range of solutions to keep unwanted security threats entering your system. We have solutions for home users, small business and servers.
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